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Big Ideas to Consider:

1. There are basically two kingdoms: a kingdom of light and a kingdom of darkness. It seems strange to have those who walk in darkness educate children of light. It doesn't fit.

2. If Jesus Christ is Lord, then He is Lord of all. We cannot divide things into secular and sacred.

3. All truth is God's truth, and God's Word sheds light on our path. Only in His light can we see light. Education is not focused on possibilities but on certainties found in God's Word.

4. Deuteronomy 6 tells parents that, in all they do, they should provide a godly education 24/7.

5. Three key institutions that shape a child are the home, the church and the school. Children are served best when all three institutions point them in the same direction.

6. Only an education that has the liberty to address the whole child -- social, intellectual, emotional, physical AND spiritual -- reaches the possibility of excellence.

7. The best preparation for effective service is to be well grounded in one's mind before direct engagement of the culture.




BREAKING NEWS Urges Parents to Contact State Senators and Representatives in PA to Increase Cap on Business Funding of Private Education


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Brookhaven, PA - urges Pennsylvania parents and concerned citizens to contact their state senators and representatives over the summer and urge them to pass a bill to allow businesses to contribute a greater amount of money in order to support private schools in the state of Pennsylvania.'s member schools have been very successful in funding tuition assistance via the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program. Throughout the state of Pennsylvania, businesses are eager to support the funding yet cannot do as much as they would like to do because of the cap currently placed on the total allotted by the state for the program.

There is pending legislation to revise the cap by $20 million via HB 2585 SB 1087 (see text of bill below). This legislation is coming up for a vote soon. urges parents to write to your state legislators asking for this support.  Sample letters are provided at is the newest communications initiative designed to assist parents in making the most informed decisions about their children's education.  For more information about, please visit the website at  Sign up for the free parent's newsletter:


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Click here to see copies of the Senate and House Bills

Click here for sample copies of letters to be sent to you Senator and/or Representative

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Contact:  Hamilton Strategies, Deborah Hamilton, Media Relations - 610-454-1538 or 215-815-7716